Consult a licensed roofing contractor in Clear Lake & St. Cloud, MN

Here in Minnesota, your roof will take a lot of wear and tear from wind, hail, snow and ice. When you need a roof repair, make sure you rely on a contractor who does a thorough job. Damien, the owner of Klug Construction, LLC will supervise every step of your roof repair, from the initial inspection to the final shingle.

We're flexible and will work with your schedule, so getting the roof work you need done won't be a hassle. Call 320-743-9910 for a free estimate on your roof repair in the Clear Lake & St. Cloud, MN area.

3 signs you might need to replace your roof

Replacing your roof presents a good opportunity for changing its style and color. You should also consider a roof replacement if your roof has:

  • Sagging sections, which can be a sign of rotting boards
  • Moss, mold or fungi, which can indicate trapped moisture
  • Stains and streaks, which can be a sign of a serious leak
Your roof gets weaker as it gets older. When your roof is over 20 years old, we recommend replacing it to make sure it will be able to protect you and your family.

Rely on Klug Construction for roof replacement services in the Clear Lake & St. Cloud, MN area.